Privacy Policy of dacore Datenbanksysteme AG

Preface: Privacy Policy

The protection of sensitive, private data is a matter of high priority for us. For this reason, we conduct our activities in keeping with the relevant statutory provisions pertaining to the protection of private data and data security. Below you can find out what information we collect where appropriate, how we deal with the data once we have collected it and, as the case may be, who we allow to have access to the data.


Private Data

We do not acquire any kind of private data (e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses) via our websites unless your explicitly volunteer such information on your own behalf (e.g. through registration, surveys or orders), respectively, you have consented to having such data acquired or the relevant statutory provisions pertaining to the protection of your private data permit it.



We use the private data to which you have granted us access exclusively for the purpose of answering your enquiries, to process your orders or to allow you access to certain information or offers.

We will neither sell your private data to any third party or make use of it for any commercial purposes whatsoever.


Earmarked Use

We will acquire, process and use the private data to which you grant us access exclusively for such purposes as we have explicitly stated. The exceptions to this rule for the  acquisition, processing or use of such data are as follows:

  • for such purposes which are directly linked to the original purpose for which the private data was acquired,for such purposes which are directly linked to the original purpose for which the private data was acquired,
  • when such data is required for the preparation, negotiation and fulfilment of a contract with you,
  • when such data is required to meet legal obligations or conform to official decrees or court orders,
  • when such data is required to substantiate or protect legal rights or to provide defence against legal proceedings,
  • when such data serves to prevent misuse or other illegal activities, e.g. deliberate attacks against the systems we have installed to protect our data security.


Cancellation / Deletion of Personal Data

If you have given us personal data, you can delete it at any time. Data for billing and accounting purposes are not affected by a cancellation / revocation or deletion.

Personal data which have been communicated to us through our website will only be stored until the purpose is fulfilled, for which they were entrusted to us. As far as trade and tax retention periods are observed, the storage time may be given to data up to 10 years.

Should you no longer agree or become inaccurate with this storage of your personal data, we will cause a corresponding transfer towards the deletion of your data or make the necessary corrections (as far as possible according to applicable law). You can receive free information about all personal information that we hold about you. 


Communication or Utilization Related Information

When you access our website via a telecommunication service provider, technical means are used to automatically generate communication related data (e.g. Internet protocol addresses), respectively, utilization information (e.g. data as to when you initiated and how long a sitting lasted, as well as information about the telecommunication service provider you employed). This could possibly lead to conclusions being drawn about with respect to your private data. To the extent that your communication, respectively, utilization related data absolutely needs to be acquired, processed or used, such procedures are subject to the statutory provisions in place for the protection of data privacy.


Non-individual Automatically Acquired Data

When you access our website, information is sometimes automatically (i.e. not by means of registration) collected which does not have reference to any one specific person (e.g. the Internet browser and operating system employed; domain name of the website you visited previous to ours, the number of visits, average duration of a sitting, which pages you clicked on). We make use of this information to determine how attractive our website is and to improve its performance and content.


"Cookies" – Information that is Automatically Stored on your Computer

When you visit our website, it is possible that we will store information in the form of a "cookie" on your computer which will recognize it on your next visit. Cookies make it possible, for example, for us to adapt a website to your interests or to store a key password so that you don't have to input it again every time you visit the site. If you don't want us to recognize your computer, please configure your Internet browser  to delete the cookies from your hard disk, block all cookies or warn you before a cookie is stored.



Dacore Datenbanksysteme AG takes technical and organizational security measures to protect your private data against unintentional or illegal deletion, changes and loss, as well as against unauthorized forwarding or access.


Links to other Websites

As a service provider in keeping with § 3 no. 1, § 8 (1) of the TDG (Teledienstegesetzes =teleservice law), dacore Datenbanksysteme AG is responsible, in accordance with the general laws, for the information which it makes available for use.

Differentiation must be made between our own content and the content made available by other providers to which our content is linked. The content conveyed or stored via links to other providers is third party information and not the content property of dacore Datenbanksysteme AG.

Nonetheless, the links are always dynamic references. Dacore always checks third party content for any possible civil liable or criminally liable infringements when first establishing such links. In accordance with the TDG, however, dacore as a service provider is not responsible for monitoring the information it forwards or stores or for looking into circumstances that might be indicative of possible illegal activities (§ 8 (2) TDG). Reference to a given offer is only then suspended when it has been established or a third party has pointed out that a concrete offer to which a link has been set up could provoke civil or criminal liability.


Questions and Remarks

We will respond to any reasonable enquiries pertaining to the inspection and possible correction, supplementation or deletion of private data. If you have any questions or remarks about our privacy policy (for example, about the inspection and updating of your private data), please click here.

We are continually adapting our data privacy policy to keep pace with on-going development and expansion of the Internet. Any changes of policy will be announced in due time on this page. You should, therefore, make it your policy to call up this page at regular intervals in order to keep informed about the current state of our data privacy policy.