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Individual Management Systems For Technical Physical Test Laboratories

Ready for the new 17025? Modules to extend your lab management system

In order to meet the requirements of ISO 17025, many different topics have to be considered. Quite a few of them can be mapped in your lab management system in a simple manner.

Again excellent results

Once again, the Executive Board was able to report a sustained upward trend at the eighteenth Annual General Meeting on July, 12th 2019. For the second year in a row, a dividend of 15% of the share capital was distributed.

Merciless Transparency

Close integration of operational processes with those of quality Management.

Integrated QM System has proven itself in practice - Experience report by VIBTEC GmbH

Experience Report of a test lab accreditated according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Always ready for audits, everything up to date, transparent and without paper

This is how we imagine an Integrated QM System and that is exactly what is available now.

Most successful year in the company's history, growth will continue to increase

At the seventeenth Annual General Meeting, the Management Board was pleased to inform shareholders that all relevant key figures increased, in some cases significantly and that growth will continue to increase.

Webinar Realignment 17025

As part of our activities on the topic of laboratory management, we have organized 3 free webinars on the topic "Realignment 17025", in which around 100 participants were addressed.

Lab Management Conference 2018 - Thank you for the great interest!

Many thanks for the overwhelming interest in the Lab Management Conference, which took place for the sixth time, this time under the motto "Lean, digital, virtual, global, networked, 4.0 - all about keywords". On 06. and 07. March 2018, more than 70 experts and representatives of renowned manufacturers and independent test laboratories met in Nuremberg to exchange experiences and innovations.

Lab Community - The Community for technical-physical Test Labs

The online platform of the laboratory management conference should offer a continuous exchange of technical and managerial experience from technical-physical test laboratories, independent of events. Exchanging experiences of the members, clarifying specific questions about laboratory management, and solving challenges together are in the focus of this online community.

Starter Package TestLab Plus 025 available in Cloud

The Starter Package is now available in the cloud as well. In this way, prospective customers and customers have the opportunity to see the range of functions without having to carry out an installation.

Workshop Lab 4.0

We want to focus on laboratories to see if and how differentiated this concept and the content behind it affect different laboratories and their business processes.

Successful and efficient ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In February 2017, dacore received its ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our fully digital QM System has been consquently integrated in our Information Management System - and could be integrated in your Lab Management System as well.

We work in close cooperation with you to design, specify and develop an individual laboratory management system which is tailored to your special business processes and requirements.

TestLab Plus 025 is a comprehensive starter kit of a laboratory management system. The starter kit supports a typical lab process which is derived from our individual projects and especially aligned with the requirements of the standard 17025.

Lookup - The Search Engine

Lookup - The Search Engine

The main problems in information management are that information is stored more or less well organized in different documents in different structures. The solution is a search function similar to that of Google and other search engines. Exactly this approach we have used in "dacore Lookup".