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September 2015

20 years dacore

dacore celebrates its 20th anniversary. On 31.07.1995 the Commercial Registration for dacore Datenbanksysteme Martina Fink has been certified. "Creating and distribution of programs" was the registered activity.

Storage of data was the focus from the beginning therefore the word database systems is a component of the company name. dacore stands for "Database Systems Communication and more", because often the communication between different systems was a part of our projects as well. The phonetic similarity to the French d'accord ([dakɔːr] agree, be of one mind) was intended.

The first customer projects focused on very different individual developments such as in the areas of materials logistics, project management, statistical product quality control, customer complaints management or statistical evaluation of trainings.

Our self-developed system "Infoline" was a general-purpose information management system, which should be the basis for the first laboratory management systems later.

The technical information management systems, eg for collecting and analyzing data from stores in food retailing or hotels would now fall within the scope BigData. Even then, the transfer or merging of data from various data sources via remote transmission was a big issue. Business Intelligence today would be the term for it.

In 1999 we received the first order for the development of a laboratory management system, which we have found in the course of time our niche. Just one year later another customer could be gained in this area.
With some investors the sole proprietorship was transformed in the founding meeting on 24.08.2001 in a public limited company (AG). The move to the present location Heroldsberg took place one year later.

Meanwhile, the development of individual management systems for technically physical testing laboratories, accreditation bodies or calibration laboratories in all industrial sectors is our core business, with which we generate around 90% of turnover. Many well-known companies at home and abroad rely on our solutions on a daily basis.

For all customers from the early days we still are maintaining or enhancing existing applications or create new solutions. All shareholders from the founding period are still on board as well as some staff. Many trainees have matured to good IT specialists and have taken responsibility for projects.

See the whole history.

We thank all our customers and employees for this successful development.

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