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September 2018

Always ready for audits, everything up to date, transparent and without paper

This is how we imagine an Integrated QM System and that is exactly what is available now.

Electronic image of standards and QM Manuals

A QM system is based on standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 17025. The QM manual is compiled on these standards and represented electronically, like the standard chapters. This creates connections between the chapters of the basic standard and the manual chapters. This allows easy traceability, transparency and control on realization of completeness. Another advantage is to enter any necessary documents in a timely manner, to change them and thus to keep the QM system always up-to-date.

The life in the QM System instead of a life with a QM System

It becomes a living QM system not only because static descriptions are available, but direct references in the laboratory management system are possible. Through a direct link to the elements of the application, all important business units, processes, evaluations such as groups of persons, employee qualification, supplier evaluations, orders, evaluations of the corresponding key figures etc. can be viewed immediately at a click of a button. It is not just about the description, but above all about the immediate leap into real life.

Good experiences in the audit

About two years ago, the system was tested by ourselves with "real" audits almost in self-experiment (conversion to the new ISO 9001: 2015) and we successfully passed the audit at the first go. For the first re-certification we deliberately did not prepare ourselves specifically and we concluded with a number of positive comments. That's what we dared to do, because we image all basics in our laboratory management system anyway and the QM system is part of it.
The system is also used by customers accredited to ISO 17025. And here, too, procedures for audits was not only accepted, but praised. Thus, an integrated QM system is an efficient tool for technical-physical testing laboratories.

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