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June 2016

dacore is expanding the scope with its new subsidiary

dacore Datenbanksysteme AG has established itself in the market for many years with the development of individual management systems for technical-physical test laboratories. The acquisition of measurement data, their analysis and preparation are often part of the functional scope of laboratory management systems as well as the finding of data in unstructured trays or the prediction of scheduling tasks with very low planning reliability.

These issues are becoming increasingly important, as the feedback from the Laboratory Management Conference in March showed. However, these are topics that are currently in high demand in many other industrial sectors, and few practical solutions are available.

Because we are perceived in the market as a specialist for technical-physical test laboratories, we want to continue to keep this focus. The newly founded pragmatic minds GmbH, on the other hand, is to focus precisely on the above-mentioned activities in order to establish itself there with a very clear objective and with pragmatic solutions, but not restricted to laboratories.

The close cooperation between the two companies allows us to combine experience and solutions from both areas without having to give up the specialization.

The pragmatic minds deals with the analysis, structuring, preparation, visualization and breakdown and interpretation of data of all kinds. Classical analytics tools are used as well as tools and methods from the big data environment. In particular, data from organizational processes, which are analyzed in order to identify improvement potentials or optimize processes, are important. In addition, search solutions are offered in order to find the right documents in the various data sources of companies, regardless of formats and storage locations. The third workspace is the organization and analysis of measurement data. Because these are usually very large amounts of data, systems are offered which can quickly search and analyze them.

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