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May 2015

Future-proof applications: No problems with Windows 10

When purchasing new software systems among many other issues, the long-term usability is an important aspect. This is particularly true in our laboratory management systems, because they are in use since the first installation.

For client server systems, the operating system of the client is a central point in this analysis, therefore, we test our solutions in the most varied environmental conditions. This is also true for all future operating systems, such as Windows 10.

For Windows 10 we can already guarantee that an unrestricted work is made possible. For new applications, it is a matter of course. Not self-evident, however, is that applications that are partly already more than 10 years in use, can be used with the latest operating systems without any problems. For all our laboratory management systems, however, this applies unreservedly. So you look calm in the future and focus on your processes and not on the IT landscape.

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