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March 2016

Laboratory Management Conference 2016 in Nuremberg - A complete success

Under the motto "Equal Tasks ... and yet so different" this year, the laboratory management conference of the company dacore Datenbanksysteme AG took place for the fifth time in Nuremberg on 8 and 9 March 2016. As in the past, experts and representatives of well-known manufacturers and independent testing laboratories met here to exchange experiences and innovations. After a 6-year break, the interest in the conference was very high. After all, a lot had changed in recent years.

How do others - and above all: why?

A question that is asked again and again is, "Actually, we all do the same thing, so why not simply take something that has proved successful with others?" However, it always turns out that it is not the best software for All needs, but there is certainly a most appropriate solution, provided you deal with it.

The laboratory management conference provides exactly the right framework to deal with different approaches and motivations through the presentation of concrete solutions and to take suggestions for their own practice. Ultimately, the environment always decides which solution is the best, because of the requirements and expectations.

The eleven presentations offered a broad spectrum of topics from very different areas, packed with many experiences and suggestions from practice. The event was supplemented by our partners Testo industrial services GmbH and MR-Technik on the first day at the accompanying exhibition. During the lively discussions and discussions during the two days, you could see how much interest there is in sharing with colleagues from other sectors and learning from the experiences of others.

Here you will find all presentations, some impressions and further information (German only).