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February 2017

Successful and efficient ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In February 2017, dacore received its ISO 9001:2015 certification. From the very beginning of this auditing process, we were faced with the challenge of completely rebuilding our QM-system; digitalizing and integrating it into our own Information and Management System along with implementing not a static but a living electronic quality management environment.

We not only embedded the ISO 9001:2015 chapter by chapter but also our own QM compendium and linked the relevant chapters or paragraphs one to another. From wherever the auditors started, they had easy access and the system more or less walked them through the main areas of interest. Key Performance Indicators of our process, for example, are directly linked to the ISO standard or to our process descriptions. Another example is that our supplier ratings and other relevant process data are directly accessible from the ISO 9001 or dacore´s digital quality handbook by using links to reports or dashboards.

Electronic release and sign-off features are now not only available for any new or reworked chapters, but also our associates can acknowledge the reading and understanding of each QM segment electronically. The system does the protocol for all of this and it archives older versions which are no longer valid. All the proof or evidence that is required by the 9001-standard are automatically created, linked, and captured in the system.

To quote the final audit report: “Good and very comprehensive database system that covers all relevant activities … and a very high traceability” according to the “ ..strong commitment by management to fulfill the QM needs”.
We also want to thank Max Rembeck (mr-technik). He supported dacore with a very target oriented, pragmatic, and well prepared audit, which followed his very own slogan “QM systems must of course fulfill standards but more important is the added value for the organization itself and sustainability.”

We, of course, did not develop the QM system only for our sake. You can get it either as stand-alone-system that can be linked to your other organizations data or have it directly integrated into one of our Lab Information and Management Systems. The latter is more or less “plug and play”.

Are you interested? If yes, just send an E-Mail.