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July 2015

Vehicle Management: Important Functions in the Automotive Area

Some of our customers come from the automotive sector. Of course, also here everything needed for the job planning and execution, data collection and report creation is available. But there are often special requirements in processing of test samples, because they are often installed in vehicles or need to be tested in combination with other components in a vehicle.

A good example of individual development are therefore specific functions or modules for vehicle management. In particular, the management of variants, assignment to projects, description of the technical details or the features and configurations is of central importance here.

The system of freely definable attributes used in the case allows to allocate flexible and arbitrarily extensible properties of the vehicles or variants.

Important or time-critical process steps in the procurement of parts or vehicles whose approval through establishing and monitoring the final destination are supported with automated notification capabilities. Functions for customs clearance, export labeling, major investigations or scrapping are also important in this context.
The curriculum vitae of each vehicle can be tracked so seamlessly, so that for instance All conversions are shown with the respective milage.

From the perspective of the vehicle planning the combination with the test planning is particularly important, since the vehicles must be available in time and in the correct configuration for the tests. This is achieved with a separate sequence planning which is directly coupled with the test planning functions.

Also, the effort and the cost of the acquisition, processing or adjustment costs of storage must be recorded and can be displayed clearly.

After many parts data are already available in other systems, interfaces are often needed with other product data management systems. The same applies to transfer the costs and efforts to other accounting systems such as SAP.