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January/April 2018

Webinar Realignment 17025

As part of our activities on the topic of laboratory management, we have now organized 3 free, identical webinars on the theme "Realignment 17025". Over the course of approximately 1.5 hours per event, the major changes in the structure and content of the new ISO 17025 were presented, the implications for the management of technical-physical test laboratories identified and potential impacts on laboratory management systems discussed.

The feedback from the approximately 100 participants was consistently positive: "I found it very interesting and important to get an overview of the upcoming changes." Or "In a nutshell, the main changes to the standard were presented.".

Of course, there are still many concrete questions about the implementation, because the webinars were actually intended as an introduction. Therefore, we would like to discuss some topics in depth with you in order to develop solutions. To do this we will first discuss issues such as e. competence matrix, integrated QM system, supplier evaluation etc. in our online lab community.

If you are interested in the realignment of the 107025 or if you are interested in the webinar documentation, please contact us here.

About the webinar: The webinar was conducted in cooperation with Mr. Rembeck from mr-technik.