Lookup - The Search Engine

The main problems in information management are that information is stored more or less well organized in different documents in different structures. Folder structures themselves include additional information (for example, in the name of the folder). Other systems contain meta information (recipient or sender in emails or columns in databases). A search in all systems is typically very difficult or simply not practical.

The classical approach is to structure the data or documents consistently and add keywords or categories. But this depends on whether someone is making this extra effort and that all have the same understanding of the structure.

The solution is a search function similar to that of Google and other search engines. Exactly this approach we have used in "dacore Lookup". No pre-structuring is necessary, almost any data and file formats (incl. OCR text recognition in images) are possible, different spellings or syntaxes are no problems anymore.

The search is very fast, even with large amounts of data. An independent web based application or a fully integrated solution in one of our applications is possible. Functions like "search for similar documents", "Did you mean ..." or a faceted search is also available.

The Challange
Our Concept
System Architecture

Example of a Web User Interface

The hardcopy below shows the system we are using ourselves. The Lookup System is a central component of our QM system and covers the aspect "knowledge of the organization".